Corporate Group Dining with pizza


Private food and drink tours are the perfect way to reward your team, network with clients, or celebrate a big win. We’ll create a fun and memorable event highlighting the best bites of Denver.


Fun, unforced team building and networking

Unique way to experience downtown Denver through food and drinks

Private and customizable foodie experiences


Downtown Food Tour

10/20 Guests3 Hours

Min: 10 guests
Max: 20 guests
Start Times: 11:15 am – 2:30 pm


What’s Included: 5 food tastings (full lunch), 3 optional drink pairings, private tour guide


RiNo Arts District Food Tour

10/16 Guests3 Hours

Min: 10 guests
Max: 16 guests
Start Times: 12:30 – 2:00 pm


What’s Included: 5 food tastings (full lunch), 3 optional drink pairings, private tour guide


Dinner Tasting Tour

8/50 Guests3 Hours

Min: 8 guests
Max: 50 guests
Start Times: 4:00 – 7:00 pm


What’s Included: 6 food tastings plus dessert (full dinner), 3 paired cocktails, private tour guide


Market and Food Hall Tour

50/150 Guests2.5 Hours

Min: 50 guests
Max: 150 guests
Start Times: 11:30 am – 8:00 pm

All DayDowntown$120

What’s Included: 4 food tastings plus dessert (full dinner), 2 paired cocktails, private tour guide


Cocktail Tasting Tour

6/15 Guests2 Hours

Min: 6 guests
Max: 15 guests
Start Times: 4:30 pm


What’s Included: 4 craft cocktails, paired bites (appetizers), guided walking cocktails tour


Denver Wine Walk

6/10 Guests2.5 Hours

Min: 6 guests
Max: 10 guests
Start Times: 3:30 pm or 4:00 pm


What’s Included: 8 wine tastings, paired small plates, guided walking wine tour

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Do you offer private tours?

Yes! Food and drink tours are a fun and unique outing for corporate groups, friends or families wanting to explore downtown Denver through food.

Why are private tour tickets more expensive than public tour tickets?

Private tour tickets are priced $10 higher than our public tour tickets. This $10/guest goes directly and 100% to your guide as a gratuity.

What if my group size does not meet the minimum but I still want to book a private experience?

If you are willing to pay for the minimum number of guests, you can bring fewer people than the required number on your tour. For example, if the tour minimum is 12 guests but you only have 10 people attending, you can pay for 12 seats to book a private tour.

What days and times do private tours run?

We run tours seven days a week with start times from midday through dinner time. Not all routes are available at all times. Our Private Tour Comparison page is a great place to get an overview of all our offerings. We do not run any tours past early afternoon on Fridays and Saturdays as this is our partner restaurants’ prime dining hours.

How do I book a private tour?

The first step is contacting us to check availability for your group. You can use the form on our website or email Private tours require a deposit of $200 per tour time slot with the balance due seven days from your tour date.

What if my guests are late or unable to attend at the last minute?

Unfortunately, we are unable to reschedule or refund tours after the seven day pre-tour deadline barring a force majeure event. Guests and groups arriving late can join mid-tour, but the tour start time cannot be delayed and missed tastings or stops will not be replaced or refunded.

How much do private tours cost?

Private experiences are priced per guest and vary by tour. They start at $85/guest for a food only ticket on our Downtown Denver Food Tour and go as high as $130/guest for our Dinner Tasting Tour, which includes three alcoholic beverages. Group size minimums are required for all private tours.

How many people are needed to schedule a private tour?

Each private tour has a minimum number of guests required which varies by route. You can find up to date information on those numbers on here.

What’s the maximum group size you can take?

Maximums vary by route. Our Market and Food Hall Tour has our largest capacity and can accommodate up to 150 guests. See large group private tour options here.

Are gratuities included for private tours?

Our per guest pricing includes all fees, taxes and gratuities for both your guide and all wait staff at our partner restaurants. In short, everyone is getting tipped, and no extra gratuity is needed.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my private tour?

Tours are refundable and can be rescheduled (pending availability) up to seven days before your tour. Less than seven days pre-tour, tours can be rescheduled but not canceled and refunded. Exceptions to this policy are made for force majeure or extraordinary circumstances only. See our private tour terms and conditions here for all the details.

How much food is served on tours?

The Downtown Food Tour and RiNo Arts District Tour include five tastings over three hours. We find that this equates to a satisfying lunch.

Our Cocktail Tasting Tour features four craft cocktails, as well as light appetizers at two of the stops.

The Denver Wine Walk includes light appetizers paired with eight wines.

The Dinner Tasting Tour features six tastings and dessert as well as three paired alcoholic drinks. It is a very filling dinner.

The Market Food Hall Tour features four tastings and dessert as well as two paired cocktails. It is a full meal.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, we can accommodate the following dietary restrictions on any private tour:

  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • No beef
  • No pork
  • No poultry
  • No seafood
  • No nuts
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

Gluten free, dairy free or vegan guests as well as guests with other dietary restrictions requiring a major alteration to our set menu incur a $15/guest surcharge as they are unable to partake in some shared tastings.

Can you customize tastings and restaurants for our group?

We are happy to tweak aspects of our core tour experience to meet your group’s needs, but we are unable to create and run fully customized tours. Timing, schedule, guide facilitation and even add-ons can all be used to create the perfect experience for your team, but we find that we can only reliably produce the outstanding experiences we want to when we know every detail of the route, restaurant and menu. For that reason, we do not build tours incorporating non-partner restaurants, nor do we offer fully customizable menus.

Are there drinks included on the tours?

Our standard adult ticket for the Downtown Food Tour and RiNo Arts District Tour does not include alcohol, but upgrade to the drink package when purchasing your group’s tickets, and they’ll enjoy three alcoholic drink pairings throughout your tour.

The Cocktail Tasting Tour includes four craft cocktails with the option to book a mocktail ticket for non-drinkers.

The Denver Wine Walk includes eight wine tastes.

The Dinner Tasting Tour features three paired alcoholic beverages.

The Market Food Hall Tour includes two paired cocktails.

Valid ID is required to be served alcohol on all of our tours

What kind of food is served on the tours?

Tastings vary by tour. Please visit each tour page to see the exact tastings currently featured on that experience.

How much history is included on a private tour?

As much as you want! Our guides have a schedule, but no script and are there to facilitate the tour to meet your group’s needs.
Have history buffs or want to show off historic Denver to your out-of-towners? We can do that! Need team time and want our guides to maximize space for interaction? We can do that too. Your guide will check in with you pre-tour to ensure their hosting is pitch-perfect.

Do you provide transportation from hotels or between stops on the tour?

We do not currently offer any transportation to, from or during tours. All our routes are centralized in downtown Denver and are designed to be walkable. No tour route requires more than one mile total of walking spread over 2-3 hours. Guides are generally available to accompany groups to or from hotels within 1 mile of the tour start location at a rate of $75/leg.

How much walking is there on the tours?

Our walking tours vary in the distance covered, but they all include less than one mile of light and leisurely walking, broken up over the 2-3 hour experience.

You can find the exact distances of each tour on the specific tour page.

Do you run any tours outside of Downtown Denver?

Unfortunately, we currently do not run any tours away from downtown Denver and RiNo.

Where do the tours meet?

Each tour has a different starting location, but all tours are centralized in downtown Denver in walking distance to Union Station. Please visit your tour page to see the exact meeting spot. All tours have a set meeting point except the Dinner Tasting Tour, whose start point varies depending on the route.

Meeting points with map links will always be shared in advance with your tour organizer, and your guide will also text your organizer once they are on site ahead of your group.

What happens if there is bad weather like rain, snow or heat on our tour day?

As all tastings are seated indoors, our tours run year-round in rain, snow or shine! We do recommend dressing appropriately for the short walks in between tastings. The exact distances each tour covers can be found on that tour page.

In the event of extreme inclement weather (hail storms, major snow storms, etc.), we may cancel a tour and offer the option to move to another day or accept a full refund. In our six years of operation, we have needed to exercise this option fewer than five times.

What should we wear on our tour?

We encourage guests to wear comfortable walking shoes. Tours run rain, snow or shine, so be sure to check the weather and plan to bring a coat, umbrella or sunscreen depending on the day.